Our Syrup is made exclusively from the 1600 Sugar Maple trees on our 34 acre Maple Farm. 1425 of those trees are on vacum delivering the sap directly to the Sugar House. Another variable number of trees are tapped traditionally on buckets. We quickly process the sap as it enters the Sugar House. This season we produced 425 gallons of Golden Delicate, Amber Rich and Dark Robust. Macintosh Hill is compliant with the new international grading system. Golden Delicate formerly known as Fancy. Amber Rich formerly known as Medium A Amber. Dark Robust formerly known as Dark A Amber/Grade B.

MacIntosh Hill Maple Syrup is made fresh daily during the Sugaring Season (late February to early April) from the sap of Sugar Maple trees on our 34 acre sugar bush using the latest technology and all stainless steel equipment. The resulting syrup is then bottled, jugged, or drummed for market on site.

Most of the Sugar Bush is serviced by tubing on Vacuum delivering fresh sap to the sugar house as soon as it leaves the tree. The sap is then boiled down (approx. 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup) with a Leader 3' x 10' evaporator featuring revolution pans and steam-away.

First Boil of 2019

March 16 was almost 3 weeks later than last year. 14 gallons of Dark Robust produced.

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